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What does a LAN Design Specialist do?

What does it take to become a web architect? The right combination of technical skills, work experience, information technology certificates, and a college degree in this field could be the goal of a successful information technology process, with a network architecture role as the LAN Design Specialist.

One of the brightest lights in IT work is the web architect. Why? Thousands of web architect positions are usually available every day in the United States. Just check out some of the most popular job sites, like SimplyHired or LinkedIn Jobs, to see real numbers and get an idea of ​​the types of organizations looking for jobs.

Web architects are also among the highest paid employees and consultants in the technology industry. According to Glassdoor, the median base salary for online architects in the United States is $ 103,901, while the highest level on the scale is approximately $ 143,000. PayScale reports that the median salary for online architects is $ 113,500. And those are just salaries. Total benefit packages go up much higher.

Understanding the web design component

As a senior member of the IT organization, the web developer is responsible for the development of computer networks, including local area networks (LANs), broadband networks (WANs), internet connections, intranettes and other processes. of data communication.

Frequently acting in behalf of the web engineer, implementing and testing the network, the designer looks at the big and necessary image for the next three to five years. This includes analyzing business needs to develop scientific maps that present solutions and their structure, as well as web design, analysis, planning, and financial planning.

In short, the goal of a website designer is to design effective, cost-effective plans for long-term IT and business goals for the organization, while allowing the organization to achieve its goal of commitment. temporary and financial.

Educational background

Organizations typically require network architect candidates to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, math, physics or a related field, even if the field site that requires a master’s degree, MBA or even Ph.D. A graduate degree will lead to a pay rise, and you will be more competitive in the job market.

IT Certification

Many network certifications are important for prospective architects, but in most cases you may need to increase the certification ladder. For example, if you are participating in Cisco certification, it is best to start with a lower level certification – Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) and Professional (CCDP) – as it will take you directly to a range of network infrastructure projects that will help you get used to the architectural level for a long time. Then get to the next level – Expert (CCDE) – which is a prerequisite for a Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr). Some organizations also require network architects to hold a CCIE Routing and Switch certificate and / or a CCIE Data Center certificate.

Other older network structures that may be of interest are:

Salesforce Technical Designer (CTA)

ITIL master

Red Hat Architect (RHCA)

Open TOGAF group 9

Zachman Certified – Building Construction

Because Defined Software Networks (SDNs) play an important role in today’s networks, you may need proof of at least one or more SDN management systems. Some of the SDN-related certifications include VMware VCP6-NV and Cisco Network Programming and Implementation Specialist (NPDESI) and there are many others. The Project Management Professional (PMP) and the Data Security System Professional (CISSP) also feature many job descriptions of construction companies such as preferred or required qualifications, because one or both of the security and project management skills they fall for the key forces to be sought. such positions.

Important work experience and skills

People who play the role of web designer often have 5 to 10 years of work experience when designing, developing and implementing large corporate networks, often finding solutions for multiple producers Companies are looking for designers with SDN experience, as well as in-depth understanding. more on automation of network service, storage and technology.

The work requires a combination of complex scientific skills and simple experience and proven leadership as a team leader, leader or scientist. For example, a developer should have recent experience running a project in a large environment that includes a data center and WANs.

Because much of network planning involves the development of business cases, policies, and solutions for senior business people and C-level executives, a good communication experience is essential. They also need to work well with and manage technology vendors.

Training and networking of professionals

While education and work experience are key to achieving network planning, on-the-job training can facilitate travel. Take advantage of the many training opportunities available, such as Cisco Learning, VMware Education, and other companies designed to prepare participants for a difficult information environment or certification.

Just as training is valuable for pursuing a career, so is developing (or improving fines) for questioning skills and using professional communication. Work with internships and recruitment organizations and at least some live job interviews online. Even if you don’t want the jobs interviewed at that location, get involved and go through the process as it gives you an opportunity to develop and practice your interview skills.

Download your professional data online, such as LinkedIn, and contact your current and former employees and co-workers to maintain those relationships. Their advice can be invaluable in job interviews, and your professional network is often the best source of job opportunities that aren’t advertised publicly.

With the right combination of education, experience, training, and certain qualifications, we don’t see how the level of web designers can’t be achieved. Graduate for yourself and devote valuable time and energy to developing your skills and knowledge. Everything else needs to get out of there when you start climbing the work ladder.

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