What are the Best and Worst Times for Grocery Shopping?

Have you ever made the blunder of going to the supermarket during peak hours and got trapped in a long, never-ending queue? Have you ever visited the grocery store on a Saturday only to find your most essential items out of stock? You surely have!

You may have learned some grocery shopping lessons and tricks from such embarrassing situations. Likewise, you may have also learned that requesting grocery delivery at night is the best decision.

We know how hectic grocery shopping can be! Even if you properly plan the entire week’s essentials in advance and accordingly stock up on them, you will still find yourself running to the convenience store or the supermarket now and then because something or the other has been left out. This is irritating, especially when you are a busy working professional, a busy mother, or are otherwise going through hectic everyday schedules.

On top of that, when you have to wait in long lines or find certain items have stocked out, it really pisses you off, and it’s natural! Therefore, to help you avoid situations that test your patience, we have listed some tips and tricks regarding the best and worst times and days of the week to go grocery shopping.

Avoid Weekends

  • Never Go Grocery Shopping on Saturdays!

We understand you have had a hectic work week. Yet, you have no choice but to hit the groceries on Saturdays. Because you don’t want to ruin your personal space and family time on Sundays. But try to avoid visiting the grocers on Saturdays as much as possible. Also, most of us like to keep our Sundays free for movie dates or dinner parties.

With that psychology, almost every family is stepping out to fight the never-ending battle of stocking up on essentials for the entire week ahead. Be it fruits, vegetables, toiletries, proteins, kitchen essentials, or other items, the grocery store is overcrowded on Saturdays. So, avoid Saturdays for grocery shopping unless you have an urgency or are extremely brave to fight the never-ending queues.

  • Sundays are also the Worst!

Like Saturdays, Sundays, being the last day of the week, are also the worst days for grocery purchases. Consider the amount of crowd happening there when people who wanted to avoid Saturdays would hit the groceries on Sundays.

Besides, many people have full-day work on Saturdays, so they would hardly get enough time to grab the essentials on that day. Now, add to that all the last-minute shoppers who just forgot to get their daily necessities on Saturdays, and now they are left with no option but to rush to stock up on the pantries they would need for the upcoming week.

In short, the weekends are the worst days to go grocery shopping, especially during peak hours, that is, between 11 am to 3:30-4 pm. Now, we can almost hear you say, “Then how are we going to get our essentials?” or “But we have work on weekdays!” Don’t worry; we are here to solve your queries and tell you the best solution to this problem.

Which are the Best Days for Grocery Shopping?

  • Wednesdays

The best day of the week to go grocery shopping is Wednesday. You might have thought it would be Monday since most people would be busy rushing to their workplace on the first day of the week. But instead, we would vote for Wednesdays for good reasons.

There is a huge advantage to grabbing your pantries and other household essentials on Wednesdays. That’s because most stores offer attractive deals and discounts on this day, so you can save big!

Besides, on Wednesdays, you might also get lucky to find sales and special deals from the previous week to coincide with the current week. And if you are shopping online through delivery apps, you can get insane steal deals and exciting discount coupons on Wednesdays. Furthermore, if you want to grab a bottle or two of wine, do that on Wednesdays. It’s because they are offered at discounted prices during the midweek.

However, one downside to this benefit is most people are aware of the deals and special perks of midweek grocery shopping. This often results in overcrowding on Wednesdays. But the rush would still be much lesser compared to that on weekends.

Alternatively, you can walk to the grocery store at late-night to avoid the daytime rush. You can casually visit the grocery shop, grab your preferred products, self-checkout without facing any long queues, and leisurely walk back home.

  • Mondays and Tuesdays

If you are not too worried about special offers and discounts, and you just need to stock up on your essentials for the week, then Mondays and Tuesdays are definitely the best. Because most people would not like the idea of shopping on workdays. Besides, if you find it convenient, try late-night shopping on these days.

Moreover, Mondays and Tuesdays are the best grocery shopping days because most racks and sections will be stacked and restocked within the mornings before the week starts. Even the stores like to recover from the frenzy-like state happening on weekends.

  • Thursdays

Thursdays may not always be the most peaceful day of the week, but they are certainly less crowded than Wednesdays. Plus, many stores offer fresh deals on Thursdays. And this day may be yet another solution to avoid the weekend mayhem!

  • Fridays

Fridays can be quite tricky, and the time of the day needs particular consideration. If you are visiting during office hours, you can still manage to shop peacefully. But avoid hitting the grocery stores on Friday nights, as they will again be overcrowded since most families have the weekend vibes on this day.

What Time of the Day is Best for Grocery Shopping?

Have you ever tried grocery delivery late at night? You heard that right! Post-midnight grocery shopping is the most convenient for most people who hate the daytime rush and overcrowded environments. And if you are a busy 9-to-5 working professional, you would probably dislike waiting in never-ending queues!

However, while late nights may not be feasible, you can try early morning hours between 6 am and 7 am. These would be the ideal times of the day to visit the grocers, irrespective of the day. You will barely need to wait in queues at the checkout. Besides, many stores restock their products during the early morning, so mornings are the best hours.

The good news is you can even get your required items delivered to your doorstep at night. The best part about modern-day reliable grocery delivery apps is they have a late-night delivery facility. It is a boon for working professionals who return from work really late.

What’s more, some apps come with an advanced order feature. So, you can pre-schedule your order while on the go, such as while traveling, to save time and effort. So, if you are too tired to run to the groceries, online grocery delivery at night is the best option.

Final Words

We hope the above tips and suggestions about the best and worst times of the week for grocery shopping have made your life easier. While grocery shopping is an unpleasant experience, it is also a necessity. Hence, many people opt for the most convenient solution – getting grocery delivery at night. You can either try visiting on less-crowded days or consider getting your daily essentials delivered to your home.

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