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Role of Social Media in Today’s Society

Social Media plays a key role in day-to-day life. Most people spend 25% of their time exploring social media platforms. This trend depicts how popular social media has become. Not only the people in general, but businesses have also made a solid presence over there to tap the potential customers.

If you own a brand, with the help of social media network you can engage customers and gain high outreach to prospective customers. Most of the businesses have become quite successful on social platform in terms of reaching potential customers. Nowadays, it has become a vital communication tool to create and share information. Social media can have impact on consumer’s purchase decisions via marketing tactics such as advertising, product reviews, etc.

Easy way to communicate

Social media serves as an online tool that facilitate people explore new information, share ideas, communicate with people and make new friends. It has completely transformed the way people communicate with each other. With the presence of several leading social media platforms in India including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, most people chat through these platforms.

It is easy & quick way to communicate with each other such as with WhatsApp, you can send messages and videos to your friends while you’re on the way. There are business forums, podcasts, blogs, weblogs, photo sharing, etc. that serve as social media platforms.

In fact, one of the most significant social media platforms is social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr are well-known to the society. With social media, you can connect people across the world and it knows no national boundaries.

In the present era of coronavirus pandemic, social media has proved just a boon to the people. Over there, you can easily find recent updates regarding COVID-19, its diagnosis & treatment methodology that is supposed to be extremely useful for the society.

Helpful for Businesses

Social media is not just restricted to personal use. Businesses and marketers have started using social networking to get reach to prospective customers. Businesses can launch marketing campaigns on social media that will help them boost brand image and also enable customers to make positive perception about the brand and the products they offer. With the rise of digital marketing, it is extremely crucial for businesses of all sizes to get strong presence on social media.

73% of marketers agree on a fact that social media is very effective in achieving business goals and around 54% of customers use social media to research products before buying the one.

Social media has positive bearing on businesses. Firstly, you need to create business pages on all major social networks that will provide them the maximum reach to customers and encourage interaction as well. You can also make online presence with some of the newly launched social media platforms in India including Vero, Helo, Trell, and Connectd.

You can build a following for your brand by keeping the people engaged on social media by regularly posting news and updates. You can also ask the people to provide feedback or suggestions on your company’s products. All these efforts count and it helps bring customer loyalty to the business.

Impact on news and journalism industry

Social media has had a huge impact on news and journalism industry. As social media platforms serve as the easiest way to access news online, print media and publications have also started focusing on printing articles online that will help achieve spread across the world. People who have access to social media can easily produce news. The influence of social media has helped our society to get access of worldwide affairs and news in just one click online.

Helpful for students

Social media plays a key role for students. With its help, they can get access to a lot of valuable information, communicating with classmates, attending online classes and attempting exams online has become a super-easy easy option. Teachers and students are now connected well using this platform for providing and gaining education.

Students usually share information to their classmates and friends; with help of social platforms it has become extremely easy for them. They can easily exchange tips, study material, opinions, and other useful stuffs to each other.

There are millions of users active on social media that can have a huge impact on people in general and society as a whole. It is not only used in sharing information, it also helps businesses grow. The mass users on social media platforms indicate its significance in today’s world.

The future of the marketing world relies on social media platforms. There is nobody who spends a day without searching on social media. Communicating, decision making, access to the latest news, and learning new things are some of the ways social media affects our society and continue to do so.

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