Nine Lifestyle Changes To Lower Your Risk of Cancer

Risk of Cancer, In all honesty, we would not deny the fact that you may have heard conflicting things associated with lifestyle changes to prevent cancer. At times, it may be such that a cancer prevention tip stated in one guide may be the exact opposite of the other.

The real deal is what is known about cancer prevention is continually evolving. But there is no denying that your chances of developing cancer are truly affected by the lifestyle choices you make.

Hence, if you are interested in cancer prevention, here are some simple changes in your lifestyle that can take you a long way. So, let us get started and address these tips one by one. 

Curtail or avoid alcohol consumption

Alcohol is believed to be the number one cause of most kinds of cancer. It is also the key modifiable factor to averse cancer risk. Hence, if you are in the legal drinking age and decide to drink, curtail your consumption to not over two drinks per day for men and only one drink per day for women. 

Janet, an online reviewer who did the review for best spinning reels under 100, shares, ‘My family has several cancer instances. So, I knew my susceptibility to cancer is high. Hence, I decided never to touch alcohol in my life. I am 52 now and repeatedly get a pet scan done. Hopefully, this deadly disease won’t ever touch me.’ 

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Practice safe sex

Several human papillomavirus strains are contagious and spread via skin-to-skin contact, especially during oral, vaginal, or anal sex. Of the many strains, some high-risk strains of the virus are closely associated with different kinds of cancer.

For example, the hepatitis B virus is contagious and can be transmitted when you have unprotected sex with the infected person. It can, over time, result in liver infections, which aggravate your chances of developing liver cancer. 

Be physically active

‘Leading a sedentary lifestyle is prominent in several high-income countries. In all honesty, such lifestyles will do you no good. Our bodies are designed to be on the go. Hence, it is recommended to indulge in a minimum of 150-minutes of moderate workouts, such as dancing, household chores, swimming, and cycling every week.

Alternatively, you can also do 75-minutes of high-intensity workouts every week, such as fast cycling, playing a team sport, and running. For kids between the age group of five to seventeen years, a moderate to high-intensity workout of an hour every day is recommended.

As far as curbing the cancer risk goes, please know that the more physically active you are, the lower is your risk,’ states Moira, an online reviewer who did thebest Andis clippers review. 

Refrain from tobacco consumption

When you smoke or consume tobacco of any kind, it aggravates your risk of cancer development. Smoking is a prime cause of several kinds of cancer, such as throat cancer, mouth cancer, pancreas cancer, lung cancer, larynx cancer, kidney cancer, cervix cancer, and bladder cancer. In some cases, you may not be the one smoking, but if you are exposed to a second-hand smoking routine, then that, too, can heighten your risk of developing lung cancer. 

Hence, it is recommended to stop using tobacco. It is a vital cancer prevention tip. If you feel that it is getting hard for you to refrain from tobacco, you can seek help from your medical health expert about tips and tricks to quit smoking. 

Consume good portions of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables in your diet

Whole grains, non-starchy veggies, and whole fruits can significantly lower your susceptibility to cancer development. Even though there is no clarity on what components in these foods guard you against cancer, but there is enough evidence that adding healthy, nutritious foods to your diet does help lower the risk.

So, you can include a good variety of foods in your diet as the foods are an excellent source of nutrition. 

‘As a general tip, all individuals must ensure that half of the grains they consume on a routine basis are whole grains, and half of their plate is filled with fruits and vegetables,’ advises Kiara, an online reviewer who did the best one piece toilets review. 

Find out about your family history

Speak to your medical health care expert about screening. Some several tests and examinations can diagnose cancer while it is still in the early stages. Naturally, cancer detected in the early stages is easier to cure.

Some routine inspections can also detect any precancerous situations to rule them out before they become malignant. Even though screening tests do save a life, there are no one-size-fits-all guidelines applicable. 

Maintain a healthy body weight

In your adult life, you must seriously refrain from any kind of weight gain. According to WHO, the ideal adult BMI is between 18.5 to 24.9. However, the same panel stated that body fatness could be a prime cause of several kinds of cancer, and in the past decade, the evidence has only grown stronger and stronger.

Further, excessive body weight may also be associated with other diseases, such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, and stroke.

Opt for foods over supplements

Studies suggest that the nutrients present in the foods have a more significant positive impact. On the contrary, the same results are not seen in the case of the supplements.

‘For cancer prevention, you must consume a good diet containing nutrient-rich foods and beverages. Unfortunately, most supplements, except Vitamin D, do not work as well as the natural foods,’ points out Julie, who works with TangoLearn.’

 Well, yes! Thus, it is recommended to consult your medical healthcare provider before adding supplements to your diet. 

When stepping out, guard your skin

In America, one of the most prevalent and preventable kinds of cancer is skin cancer. There are over 96000 people who are diagnosed with this cancer every year. The risk amplifies with your direct exposure to harmful UV rays. Thus, it is vital to adopt some skin protection tips when you step out in the sun. 

For instance, apply a generous layer of sunscreen before heading out. In general, try stepping out between 12-3 PM when the sun’s rays are the sharpest. Further, you must wear sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat and cover your limbs with proper clothing to allow only minimum sun exposure.

If you are sweating, reapply the sunscreen every few hours. In addition, refrain from using tanning beds. 

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