Litecoin cryptocurrency (LTC) — what do I need to know?

Litecoin cryptocurrency (LTC) is superior to Bitcoin in many ways and it is still undervalued — so
as many analysts believe. Litecoin blockchain is more technologically advanced than Bitcoin. The
Litecoin network allows for almost instant transactions with very low fees. 
Litecoin cryptocurrency is the second fork of Bitcoin (the first was NameCoin), whose blockchain
was taken as the basis for creating the asset. It is a decentralized payment system that can be used
to transfer value between users. From  Litecoin price charts , it is a cryptocurrency that has
successfully passed the test of time. 
Confirmation of transactions performed on this network is carried out using the modern Scrypt
algorithm, which, unlike its predecessor Sha-256, requires more computing power and does not
allow special ASIC chips to have a significant advantage over ordinary users’ GPUs.
The network verifies transactions using the popular Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism based on
the computing power of the network. Litecoin is not a smart contract platform like NEO, EOS, or
Cardano. The strength of the project can be considered its reliability and wide recognition. This is
also demonstrated by Litecoin coin news. 
Litecoin coin news: Litecoin advantages
This cryptocurrency has a lot in common with the original Bitcoin (open code, full decentralization,
limited issuance etc.), but there are several strong advantages to this one.
o Coin issue. The creator of Litecoin decided not to copy the number of issued Bitcoin coins, which is
equal to 21 million, and increase it by 4 times. This way 84 million LTC coins will be issued. 
o The speed of transactions. Confirmation of intranet financial transactions is almost 5 times faster
than the original Bitcoin. Bitcoin takes about 10 minutes per transaction, while Litecoin needs only 2-
2.5 minutes. 
o Low cost of commissions. In the LTC system, all transfers are made with minimal fees. 
o Simpler mining algorithm. Litecoin uses the Scrypt algorithm. 
o The user will receive 25 coins for each block, with the promised amount of reward decreasing every
4 years. 

You can also use Polygon coin price charts as an investment tool. If you look at Polygon price
charts, you will notice positive trends for growth. 
Litecoin price charts: cryptocurrency prospects
The cryptocurrency Litecoin is a promising and reliable project that has many advantages over the
main currency Bitcoin. The most important of them are the high speed of transactions and their low
cost, which together allow you to use the coin to make transfers for any goods or services. This will
enable the project to develop in the financial world of the future.
Also important is the fact that the head of the company is an open person, Charlie Lee, rather than
an anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. Charlie is actively working on the improvement of his project.
This fact allows us to understand that Litecoin has nothing to hide from society and you can trust the
company and invest your money in it.
Litecoin has all the chances to take its honorable place on the list of the best cryptocurrencies in the
world. Many cryptanalysts and supporters of the project gave positive predictions about Litecoin’s
long-term prospects.
Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable, promising and long-term asset to invest in, then the
cryptocurrency Litecoin is perfect for this purpose. Soon, the price of the coin will be able to return to
its past maximum value, and then Litecoin will open the way to the mark of $500 per coin. 
And until that time comes, you have a great chance to make money on this asset. Alternatively, you
can analyze the FTX coin price chart. A close look at FTX price charts shows that it is also a great
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