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Increase GPM output of pressure washer for better jet wash

A pressure washer is a device that works on high-pressure water. It is meant for cleaning surfaces using a water jet. The device proves helpful in cleaning grime, dirt, dust, and stains from different surfaces. It is widely used in cleaning buildings, concrete, and automobiles. It is widely used in the construction industry to clean a variety of things including equipment. In the following section of the blog post let us explore how you can boost pressure in a pressure washer so that it shoots water jets at higher velocity.

Understand pressure washer GPM first

GPM is the shortened form of “gallons per minute”. It is a unit to measure pressure. The unit tells the quantity of pressure a pressure washer can create in a minute. The higher the GPM of a pressure washer, the more powerful device is. While choosing a pressure washer it is important to consider its GPM capacity. The higher the GPM of a device the quicker and easier it will be to accomplish a task of cleaning. When you have to clean larger areas or deal with persistent stains you require a pressure washer that has a high GPM. For lighter cleaning jobs a pressure washer with a lower GPM proves sufficient.  

These days, thanks to the Internet, many people prefer buying this efficient and easy-to-use cleaning device online. This category of customers usually searches online using strings like “jet wash London near me”. Here is a word of advice for these buyers. Whenever you buy a pressure washer you should not focus on the GPM of a device alone. Rather you should also consider the PSI rating of a device. PSI is the shortened form of “pounds square inch”. This unit determines the overall power.  

GPM of a standard pressure washer

What should be the GPM capacity of my pressure washer? This is a common question and there are lots of seekers to the answer. The answer to this question varies from user to user depending on an individual’s needs. Therefore you have to ascertain what uses of the device you have. Depending on that you can easily determine the ideal GPM capacity of your pressure washer.

One usually needs a higher GPM rating when you use the cleaning device to perform heavier chores like removing paint and washing concrete. Pressure washers that have higher GPM ratings can obviously output a much more quantity of water in a smaller time frame. And this is exactly what you need to accomplish tougher jobs. This chart below will definitely give you sufficient clarity about the GPM rating of pressure washers.

  • A 3 to 5 GPM capacity pressure washer is meant to wash cars.
  • A 5 to 8 GPM capacity pressure washer is meant to power wash decks.
  • 8 to 10 GPM capacity pressure washer is meant to strip paint.
  • A pressure washer above 10 GPM is meant to clean concrete.

Is it safe to increase GPM on pressure washers?

Yes, it is possible to increase the GPM on pressure washers and you can do it safely. Let us learn how to do it in easy little steps.

  • Select the right nozzle for your intended job
  • You have to adjust the pressure regulator to the correct setting
  • At any cost, you are not supposed to exceed the maximum PSI rating of the device
  • When you increase GPM on pressure washers make sure to use only high-quality cleaners and detergents
  • Stick to the safety recommendations provided by the manufacturer

When the GPM on a pressure washer is increased it enables you to finish up cleaning operations faster. But the majority of customers who buy pressure washers online using strings like “jet washes near me” are usually not aware of a certain fact. While increasing the GPM on a pressure washer if you do not follow the steps mentioned above, there are possibilities of damaging the device. Moreover, you may also get seriously injured while using the device.

Ways to increase GPM on pressure washers

How can you boost the GPM on a pressure washer? As such there are quite a few techniques to increase GPM on a pressure washer. Let us explore a few such tips in the following section.

Nozzle adjustment

The GPM output of a pressure washer is also affected by the type of nozzle you are using. A nozzle that has a smaller opening restricts the flow of water. Thus the GPM is lower; whereas, when the nozzle opening is large, the effect is just the opposite.

Check the pump

The pump is responsible to push water into the pressure washer. Therefore the pump of your device should be in excellent working condition. The pump has to be carefully maintained. If the pump is damaged the GPM output is obviously going to drop.

Boost the pressure of water

You can boost the GPM output in another way which is by turning the water pressure up. How can you achieve this? It is quite simple; adjust the pressure valve of the pressure washer. However, you should increase it just a little and not too much. If you increase the pressure excessively it could damage the device.  

Make use of a different hose

In spite of making all these efforts, you may not get your desired GPM output. So what do you do? An option is to try a different hose. A hose with a larger diameter allows a greater amount of water to flow through. But when you are using a hose with a smaller diameter it is obvious you do not get your desired GPM output.

Get the filters cleaned

It is important to make sure that the filters on your pressure washer are clean. Clogged filters obviously restrict the flow of water. As a result, the GPM pressure gets lowered. When the filters are clean you can be rest assured that your pressure washer is working at its best possible capacity.

Advanced pressure washing techniques

Trained and skilled experts having years of experience working in Vip Carpet Cleaning London Ltd have something to share. They suggest using the high-pressure setting on your machine is a smart way to loosen up tough dirt and grime. It is also possible to boost the cleaning power of a pressure washer by using hot water.

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