How to Start a Motovlog From Scratch in 2021

No motorcycle enthusiast will ever be able to ride every model, race on every track, or take a road trip through every breathtakingly beautiful spot. Fortunately, there is a way for motorcyclists to get close to these objectives: the numerous moto vloggers who post riding videos on YouTube.

Motovlogging can provide hours of entertainment, whether it’s to learn new techniques, see how a specific model handles the lane, or simply enjoy some stunning scenery. But what if you want to try your hand at moto vlogging? Take a look at our fast guide to getting started.

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1. Consider your target audience and material.

Any web content developer should have a strategy in place for what kind of content they want to produce and who their target audience will be. Are you interested in conversing with new riders? Are you a die-hard car enthusiast who loves spending time in the garage? Interested in riding a race bike like a speed demon? Are you a touring rider? In general, the best way to determine the most suitable audience is to consider what you love about riding and create videos from that point of view.

In addition, pay attention to some of your favorite moto vloggers and see what they excel at. What makes their videos compelling, and what do they leave out? What kind of moto vlog do you want to see that isn’t currently available? You’re off to a great start once you’ve decided on a course for your moto vlog.

2. Buy the appropriate equipment.

Any successful moto vlogger should invest in moto vlogging gear, beginning with an HD helmet camera. As a moto vlogger, this is your most critical investment (aside from essentials like your safety gear), so you want something with excellent video quality and wide-angle viewing. Most people are familiar with GoPro, but there is now a multitude of choices available at different price points.

You’ll also need a microphone that attaches to your helmet camera if you want to record your commentary (or the sweet sound of your exhaust) while riding. Since a helmet camera’s built-in microphone isn’t always effective for recording sound, it’s a good idea to invest in motorcycle helmet speakers so you can hear your audio more clearly. If you are using your smartphone for vlogging, make sure you are using the best phone mount for motovlog

3. Go for a ride and make some stuff.

In general, you can build a content strategy ahead of time. Don’t just get on your bike and go for a ride. You’ll need to think about what techniques you’d like to show off, what scenery you’d like to see, and what parts of your bike you’d like to emphasize. You can start by giving your audience an interpretation, or you can let the content speak for itself. It’s fine if things don’t go as planned; the next move will take care of that.

4. Make improvements to your vlogs.

Here’s where a little professional know-how that has nothing to do with riding can come in handy. The bulk of motorcycle vlogs do not consist entirely of raw video. The best vlogs go through a process of editing. Editing allows content makers to add music, create video effects, and adjust the order of scenes in addition to removing boring sections and mistakes.

For this move, you’ll need video editing software, which will require another investment. There are both free and paid options, but one of the many free video editing programs is always a good place to start. If you have the app, you’ll probably need a lot of practice with it, so look up some YouTube editing tutorials and don’t expect a flawless result the first time through.

5. Make your content more polished.

Few content creators, regardless of genre, will hit it out of the park the first time. If you really want to make a moto vlog, you must continue to create content and learn from your mistakes in order to improve your craft and create content that is better and better.

To track viewer demographics on your posts, use YouTube’s free analytics options. Keep an eye on your comments section for ideas on how to enhance your videos. Perhaps your sound mix needs to be tweaked, or viewers want to see more of what you do. At the same time, we all know the Internet is full of trolls, so don’t make offensive comments personally or respond to them.

It’s extremely rewarding to take something you enjoy, such as riding motorcycles and give it a creative twist that allows you to share it with others. Part of the reason why moto vlogging can be such a rewarding hobby is because of this. The online motorcycle community will expand and flourish as more bike enthusiasts start vlogging.

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