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How to Maintain your Exterior Paint Job

You have finally got a beautiful exterior job and how you wish that it lasts more than just one year.  Unfortunately, we all know how the weather can destroy paint jobs with extreme rain, wind, and heat. Temperature variations and other factors can lead to cracks and faded wall exteriors easily. The good news is that you can ensure to keep your exterior paint job in beautiful condition by taking a few simple precautionary steps.

It’s important that you begin with high-quality paint that is tough and weather-resistant to deal with the climate outside. Follow the given points to get more insight about maintaining exterior paint.

Regular inspection of exteriors

Have a leisurely stroll outside your house as a regular practice to inspect the walls and their condition. You should pay attention to any minor problems that may arise. Wall cracks, algal, fungal growths may be common problems that become noticeable when they have spread out in a considerable portion of the wall. Therefore, by regular inspection, you can spot them in the initial stages and stop them from spreading with minimum effort. If you notice anything alarming, you should seek out professional remedies.

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Pressure washing

Your home exterior is most prone to getting a large build-up of dust and outside dirt that sticks to your external walls. This can show up as a grimy appearance for your exterior paint job, stealing away their shine and color. Pressure washing can be an excellent way to remove the dust and air particles that cannot be removed by simple wipes or hand washing. This can be done once in 4-5 years and it’s a high-handed task and the pressure should be controlled so as to not damage the walls.

Removing fungal growths

Fungal growths like mold and mildews are a common problem in areas that have high moisture and humidity. It can spread widely in humid summers and rainy seasons. It is often unnoticeable in regular circumstances. They are usually hidden behind plants and bushes or cool, shaded areas. You must do a thorough inspection for such problems to detect them in the initial stages. It is ideal to ask for professional service to check these growths before they can cause damage to your walls.

You should also be careful of such spots where mold growths can occur. They can also be home to other pests and insects that can be harmful. Fungal growths can cause discoloration of walls and wall peeling. They must not be allowed to spread on your exteriors.

Waterproofing services

 External waterproofing services can efficiently protect your walls from a variety of problems including weather-related issues and fungal growths. Using a waterproof coating on walls ensures that your exterior colors are vibrant and fresh. It also forms a protective coating that fights dust, pollution, and humidity. Some waterproof coatings are also very efficient against the harmful effects of the sun. Terrace and wall waterproofing can also ensure that your interiors remain unaffected by the climate outside.

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Maintaining an exterior paint job is all about the right precautions and practical steps. By putting in the right amount of effort, your exteriors can easily last for 5-6 years.

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