Have you ever seen one of those strange circular discs stuck to the back of a phone?


Have you ever seen one of those strange circular discs stuck to the back of a phone? That’s most likely a PopSocket. They’re extremely popular right now, particularly among the younger generation.

What exactly is a PopSocket, though? Are PopSockets detachable, and if so, how? We’ll get straight to work answering all of your burning questions.

What Is a PopSocket, Exactly?

A PopSocket is a sticky-backed plastic circle that you stick to a flat phone (or case). The PopSocket stretches like a tiny accordion after you pull or “pop” it out twice. This allows you to slide your fingers between your phone and the PopSocket’s end, making for a more relaxed and secure grip.

Some users like to use ring holders instead of ring holders. Check out our details guide on phone ring holder vs PopSocket.

Is it possible to reuse PopSockets?


Don’t worry if the thought of getting a small bulge on the back of your phone scares you. PopSockets are simple to mount, uninstall, and reposition at any time.

PopSockets are made up of two parts: the foundation (the adhesive disc) and the PopTop (the design portion). Although the PopTop part is simple to remove when you’ve had enough of it, removing the foundation is a little more difficult.

Make sure your PopSocket is flattened before slowly peeling it away from the case to fully remove the foundation. Slide dental floss or a credit card underneath the platform to raise and separate the adhesive if you’re having trouble extracting the PopSocket.

Keep in mind that the adhesive gel will eventually dry out. Simply clean it with warm water and let it air dry if it feels dry. Make sure it doesn’t take more than ten minutes to dry.

What Is a PopSocket and How Do I Use It?

PopSockets have a lot of uses, despite the fact that you would assume they just have one. So, what exactly are PopSockets? They make it much easier to do basic tasks with your smartphone in general. The following pointers will assist you in learning how to use a PopSocket.

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1. Improve Your Grip

A PopSocket is mostly used as an extra grip, which is particularly useful for larger smartphones. A PopSocket is useful if you sometimes drop your phone or find it difficult to carry a large phone comfortably.

As a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 user, I still find it difficult to get a good grip on my phone with only one hand. With a PopSocket, I can search with one hand while holding my laptop. It’s also a lot more relaxed.

I still have a bad habit of dropping my cell. I’ve lost it a lot less after using a PopSocket. I can curl two fingers around the PopSocket, giving the impression that my phone is floating in my lap. I can get to my phone faster this way, and I’m still prepared to take pictures.

2. Pose for picture-perfect self-portraits

The PopSocket is perfect for taking selfies in addition to having a much better grip on your screen.

What is the reason for this? The PopSocket makes it easier to keep your phone in one hand while still being able to hit the shutter button. It also gives you more angle flexibility, and the firm grip eliminates the need to fumble around for the most flattering shot.

3. Use it to prop up your phone as a stand


The PopSocket is perfect for propping up your smartphone or tablet when watching videos or playing games. When using a PopSocket as a stand, it’s best to have two of them connected to your phone or tablet (especially the latter), but one will suffice.

Simply pop out two PopSockets and lean your laptop in landscape orientation. The PopSocket works best when it is fixed on your phone; otherwise, it will fall over.

It’s safer to use two PopSockets, slightly off-center at the top and bottom, for larger devices like your smartphone. You can conveniently prop up your tablet on a table this way.

The PopSockets Multi-Purpose Mount can also be used to hang your PopSocket on any vertical surface. If you’re looking for a car phone holder, the PopSockets Car Mouns for your vent, dashboard, or windshield is also a great choice.

4. Keep track of your wired earbuds

You will still want to use your phone’s current headphone jack if you don’t want to use Bluetooth headphones. However, wired earbuds result in tangled messes. PopSockets, fortunately, solves this vexing problem.

Attach one PopSocket to the top and one to the bottom of your phone to accomplish this. When not in use, you can use this configuration to wrap your wired earbuds around the PopSockets for tangle-free cord storage. It might seem ridiculous, but it’s much more convenient than having to untangle your earbuds every time you take them out of your pocket.

5. Make Your PopSocket Exclusive

The PopSocket website is the only way to make a personalisedPopSocket. You can upload photos from your smartphone or import something from Instagram from this page. The colours of the foundation and the accordion part of the grip can then be chosen.

“How much do PopSockets cost when customised?” you may be wondering. PopSockets with custom designs start at $15. It’s inexpensive and adds a splash of personality to your computer that’s difficult to duplicate.

6. Locating Low-Cost PopSockets

You can still find a cheaper PopSocket on Amazon or eBay if you don’t want to spend the extra money on customization. On eBay, a fast search for PopSockets turns up a slew of options, including this amazing Jawbreaker Gloss PopSocket. The standard PopSockets cost around $10, while the metallic and textured models cost around $15.

How to Choose the Best PopSocket for Your Phone

While PopSockets can seem to be a bit of a gimmick at first, they can be used in a variety of ways. It takes some time to get used to your phone’s PopSocket, but once you do, it’s a must-have accessory. It would be difficult to return to a phone or tablet without one. Check out our top picks for the best PopSockets to get started. Visit for more tips and guides on vlogging.

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