A Guide To Planning The Perfect Destination Wedding At Resorts By The Baagh

The wedding season is right around the corner. Believe it or not but the search engines are about to get fired up with searches for destination wedding locations in India. Have you always dreamt of a royal Bollywood-style wedding all your life? Well, no-brainer here, destination weddings are undeniably the ‘IT’ thing in the world today. From Bollywood celebrities like Kiara Advani and Katrina Kaif to business tycoons like B Ravi Pillai and Shrishti Mittal, destination weddings have taken over the wedding industry by leaps and bounds. Little did you know that it is very much a choice for us, dreamers, too. So, are you ready to live your fairytale moment? Remember, it is more than just shortlisting upscale resorts for wedding

Guide to Plan your Dream Wedding Affair

Are you scared of entrusting your wedding arrangements to proficient wedding planners? Worried that eminent wedding planners might charge you a bomb? Believe it or not, pulling off a dreamy wedding someplace offbeat and picture-perfect is not rocket science. If hiring a wedding planner is taxing on your budget, this guide promises to be your holy grail for an extravagant wedding spree. 

How to kick off the wedding arrangements all by yourself? 

1. List your priorities and set your budget

A string of wedding carousels or a single-day affair; it all pivots around your budget. Agreed? So, always have a clear head regarding your budget and leave some room to stretch your funds. Wondering why? Well, it is no surprise that wedding expenses shoot up in the blink of an eye. From photography and catering to décor and booking venues and resorts for wedding, there are innumerable expenses that could toss and turn your budget. Hence, always stick to a budget. 

2. Keep your guest list small 

Do you know why a destination wedding in Bhimtal or any offbeat mountain location is a growing craze? Of course, the perks of celebrating love amidst breathtaking hill views are a bonus. But, the charm of taking your vows far off from the clamours and attention of countless guests is a big reason. Aren’t you excited to say ‘Yes’ to your only love in the company of your dear ones who matter? Quite explains why you should map out a guest list that’s small and intimate. It is good for your budget and helps you skip the hassles of colossal crowds. 

3. Arrange your accommodations and events in the same venue 

Are you in the splits trying to choose your venue for accommodation and the whole wedding frenzy? Do you truly wish to wrap your head around the hassles of transporting your guests from one place to another? Besides, it is a lot more expensive than you know. Hence, always reserve one good resort to stay in and host your gala wedding festivities. 

Speaking of luxurious resorts, have you decided on a destination for your wedding? Thinking of the picturesque Himalayan peaks? A destination wedding in Bhimtal is rightly a good choice. Far from the hubbubs of crowded cities and an overwhelming count of guests, Bhimtal is a sublime green valley in the heart of Uttarakhand. In addition to the scenic views and quaint charm of the mountainscape, the destination is quite easy to travel. 

What’s more, narrowing down the best resorts in Bhimtal is not very hard-won. The valley is home to a handful of luxury resorts, and one of the choicest and luxe options is Resorts By The Baagh. Avail a full suite of services and premium hospitality to host a grand-scale wedding in the pristine burrows of Uttarakhand. 

4. Keep your hands on a wedding planning journal 

Have you contemplated maintaining a wedding journal throughout the madness? If not, it might be right to start journaling the ins and outs of your wedding preps, starting now. Guest lists, vendor details, travel bookings, accommodation arrangements, bill payments, etc. There are a zillion chores to keep your mind busy. Hence, updating every task in a journal can help you stay on top of your game without any misses. What’s more, you can enjoy not being a bridezilla and keep your quintessential wedding stationery with you all the time. 

Whether you have zeroed in on a luxury resort in Bhimtal or a fort in Jaisalmer, destination weddings can turn into absolute madness if the arrangements are not wrapped up prior. Think about the unforeseen and keep a budget in place. Follow the tips and sail through an extraordinary wedding affair without any professional help. 

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