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9 professional carpet cleaning tips for you

Thus buying a carpet cleaner is easy. But it is difficult to get the best possible cleaning from the machine. In this blog post let us explore how you can get the best possible cleaning from your carpet cleaning device. 

Securing the best possible performance from a carpet cleaning gadget

  • Allow as much ventilation as possible 

Modern carpet cleaning gadgets come with powerful inbuilt suctions. Thus the devices can remove most of the water from carpets during a cleaning process. But that still leaves the carpet damp once the cleaning is over. You should leave all the doors and the windows to a room open to let in as much natural ventilation as possible. This reduces the drying time of a carpet considerably. 

  • If it is possible to clear out the furniture from the room

If it is at all possible then clear out as much furniture from the room as you can before summoning your carpet cleaning gadget into action. When a room is free of furniture moving around it becomes much easier. It makes your task easier too. But if there is a heavy piece of furniture then obviously you cannot move it. So it is better to continue with your cleaning around those heavy pieces, like sofas and beds. As far as other pieces are concerned make sure to clear those out of the room temporarily to get along with your cleaning task smoothly. However, some of the best carpet cleaners in London have a suggestion. They suggest an annual deep clean is necessary for every room. This deep clean involves removing every piece of furniture from the room in one hand while cleaning the entire floor space thoroughly with the other.

  • Use the vacuum to clear away dust and pet hair

Carpet cleaners can pick up some dry debris. But if your carpet is very dusty then it cannot be of much use. The same goes for if you have pets at home. The gadget also cannot tackle pet hair on carpets. In both cases, it is better to vacuum a carpet first and then use the carpet cleaner. Vacuum is a tried and tested means to get rid of most of the dirt and pet hair from a carpeted surface. As a result, deep cleaning of the carpet will be easier. Moreover, pet hair will not be able to clog up the nozzle and the tank of your carpet cleaning machine. 

  • Fill up the gadget’s tank with hot water

The hot water loosens up and removes dirt more effectively compared to water at normal temperatures. It also helps kill bacteria. That is why you should use hot water to fill up the tank of your carpet cleaner. A range of carpet cleaners works on Heat Wave technology. The technology keeps the water hot throughout the process of cleaning. The Heat Wave technology works on a simple mechanism. A motor generates heat and that heat gets redirected to the water tank. This heats up the water inside the tank. The mechanism is designed in such a way that a certain temperature is maintained throughout the cleaning process. Thus get better cleaning results.

  • Select your cleaning product carefully

Every carpet cleaner usually comes with a bottle of cleaning products. But you can invest in a more specialized carpet cleaner that suits your expensive carpets better. There are varieties of such products readily available in the market. Households that have pets should better choose pet cleaning solutions. According to a carpet cleaning professional near me, the products that are meant for pets usually contain enzymes. These enzymes break down during a cleaning operation and work on pet “accidents”.

This is how bad odor is neutralized. There are specific cleaning products for carpets that keep your indoor smell fresh longer. On the other hand, there are cleaners that come with the power of Oxy. This range of products can tackle tough stains quite easily.

  • Provide pre-treatment to dirt spots

In real life, it is practically impossible to avoid stains and spills. If there are dirty patches or stained areas on your carpet, you have to pre-treatment those first. Some carpet cleaners have built-in pre-treatment features to make your life comfortable. Using this feature is quite easy. As you press a button a jet of water along with a cleaning formula attacks the stain. You let the stain soak in that cleaning solution for some time. This way it is easier to give your carpet a thorough and uniform wash. In case your carpet cleaner lacks the inbuilt pre-treatment feature there is nothing to worry about. Bottles of Pre-Treat Cleaning Formula are readily available in the market. Spray this product on the stains and allow it to be set for some time. You will get impressive cleaning results.

  • Work in straight lines for better cleaning

You have to work in straight, consistent lines if you want to clean your carpets thoroughly. Squeeze the trigger on the carpet cleaner to release the water from its tank. Then push a few feet forward. Then release the trigger but make sure to pull back on the same line. Once a stripe is complete just move over and clean the line that is next to the current one. You should keep moving across the whole of the carpet this way to make sure no spot is missed from cleaning.

  • Cleaning stripes overlapping

While following the cleaning pattern mentioned above, you should overlap the stripes a little. When the carpet dries the lines where you cleaned will not be obvious.

  • Work slowly with a carpet cleaner

A carpet cleaner and a vacuum cleaner are more or less of the same shape. Therefore you could be tempted to use a carpet cleaner in the same way as you use a vacuum. But when you are using a carpet cleaner you must be a little slower, suggest professionals working at the 4 Seasons Carpet Cleaning in London. When you are a little slower you can pick up all the dirty water from the carpet surface. At the time of pulling a carpet cleaner back, you should be slow. Thus the machine can suck out water from the depth of the fabric.  

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