7 Must-Have Qualities in a Destination Wedding Planner

later” or the backup person who can swoop in to save the day if a lead planner has an emergency.

As local Cabo wedding planners, we understand first-hand the importance of always having a backup plan for every event. No one, not the couple nor the suppliers nor the planners, has control over who gets sick when a family member is suddenly lost if a disaster strikes home. When an emergency strikes, who will step in to help and ensure the wedding goes off without a hitch? Our team has prepared for this scenario and we highly recommend that you find a destination planning team that is ready with a Plan B as well.

Locally Connected

Being connected to an “it” network of elite, highly qualified suppliers is essential to getting the best service and experience. When you don’t live in the location where you’re getting married, you don’t know which wedding vendors are the cream of the crop and which ones will be reliable – a good planner will connect you with the finest professionals in the area.

Extensive Venue Experience

When a planner has never coordinated a wedding at a specific venue before, this causes all sorts of complications because they don’t truly understand the logistics, challenges, and limitations of the property from past experience. You want to find a destination wedding planner that has planned events at your venue before so nothing comes as a surprise for them and they can be fully prepared for everything from day one of planning. In addition, they should have a wealth of recommendations available for you to consider based on your style, taste, and the experience you want to have. For instance, if you’re looking for wedding venues in Cabo San Lucas as an active couple, your planner should instantly know several that are fit for people who love to spend time outdoors and doing activities.

Problem Solver

Even the best-laid plans will get hijacked at least once during your destination wedding, just plan on it. Whether it’s the restaurant running out of the ingredients for the appetizer you chose or the band falling ill 2 days before your wedding. The fact is, when humans, weather, and supply chains are involved, nothing can be guaranteed. That’s why it is paramount to have a wedding planner who is highly skilled at coming up with creative solutions and alternative options quickly so that minor setbacks never take hold of your plans. Things happen and they are almost always unpredictable. A destination wedding planner should be ready and willing to pivot at a moment’s notice to respond positively to bumps in the road. 

Exquisite Designer

Many couples want that magazine-worthy look; especially when you’re splurging on a wedding from afar. In order to achieve that, you need to align yourself with a destination planner who is not only fully current on all the latest trends but also a trendsetter! A talented designer with a keen eye for layouts and stylish accents will create an atmosphere that has all your guests enamored. The most reliable way to ensure you find a design-savvy planner whose style complements yours is to ask to review their recent portfolio. Tell them plainly the type of design you’re attracted to and let them hand-select recent weddings they’ve designed that would fit the bill. Even though your design plan will be unique from other past weddings they’ve done, this will still give you a strong idea of their level of ability and how well they understand your specific aesthetic.


Who said planning a wedding should feel like a job? That’s the worst way to experience the most exciting time of your life! Having a team that is fun, cheerful, and easygoing will help make the entire planning process a joy to go through together. The memories should start the day you said “yes”, not the day you make it official.

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