4 Online Courses You Should Take

Online learning platforms are on the rise thanks to the high demand and other basic online courses that they provide to learners from all over the world.

The pandemic normalized online learning, and it has been pushing learners, students, and employees from all fields to engage in it by taking up online courses that help them enrich their studies, better their knowledge and skills as well as further their careers. 

So, if you are not sure of what online course you should take, we have gathered a list of 4 online courses that you will find beneficial and fun, and that you should not miss out on. Read below for more! 

Online Courses You Need to Consider 

Here are four online courses we suggest you consider taking as soon as you can: 

  1. Microsoft Excel Course  

Microsoft Excel looks scary to anyone who is unfamiliar with how to use it. Unfortunately, that does not change the fact that it is a big part of many operations and daily tasks in many companies, firms, and organizations of all fields. 

So, excelling at Microsoft Excel will give you a great advantage as an employee or as an unemployed job seeker. 

Take a Microsoft Excel online course at a great online learning platform to learn how to: 

  • Store data. 
  • Perform calculations. 
  • Use charts for data visualizations. 
  • Utilize tools for data analysis. 
  • Use the right template for you. 

These benefits and more will enhance your productivity, minimize time and effort spent on many tasks and make your job easier. 

The Microsoft Excel course on Oktopi, an online learning platform, provides you with everything you need to learn about Excel from A to Z. 

  1. Business Course 

Chances are that if you have a detailed plan to start your own big-scale business, you probably have some good and solid background when it comes to the world of business. Maybe it is your choice of study or maybe you have lots of experience. 

But if neither is the case, yet you still want to start your business, an e-commerce store for instance, in order to receive more income and to follow your passion, you need some background knowledge on business before you start developing and executing your idea. 

Take up the Business 101 Oktopi course to learn all about the following: 

  • The definition of a business.  
  • The types of services and goods provided by businesses. 
  • Types of businesses. 
  • The structure of profit. 
  • The difference between revenue and expenses. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Make sure you take this course before going any further with your business ambitions. 

  1. Language Course 

Language courses will not be in demand, because excelling at languages is always a great advantage in regards to your career, your travel plans, and your networking needs. 

Even if you cannot exactly benefit from learning a new language in your professional life, it is a great choice to fill up your days if you happen to have some spare time and want your intellectual and linguistic skills to be refreshed and sharpened once again. 

Whether you want to learn Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, or even English, Oktopi’s language classes got you covered. Oktopi provides you with courses fit for all levels, so if you want to continue learning French that you haven’t practiced since school, or you want to learn Chinese from scratch, you will find the language course just for you on Oktopi. 

  1. Self-Development Course 

There has been an increased focus on all aspects of wellbeing and self-development since the beginning of the pandemic. The conversation about physical and mental health, in particular, has become more common and more open, which resulted in more self-development courses for you to choose from. 

Oktopi’s self-development courses cover the following topics that you might be interested in: 

  • Nutrition. 
  • Dieting. 
  • Baking. 
  • Manifestation. 
  • Mental health. 
  • These are just to name a few! 

More on Oktopi 

Oktopi is an online learning platform that aims to bring together learners and tutors from all over the world so they can experience fun, collaborative, and personalized learning and teaching experiences.

Oktopi is powered by artificial intelligence, and it is designed for both educators and learners. So, If the above-mentioned courses on Oktopi interest you, you should definitely check out the other diverse and beneficial courses they offer. Some are free, and the rest are affordable. 

And if you are a teacher or a tutor yourself who wants to teach a certain subject or topic, all you need to do is join Oktopi, create an account, and then the courses you are passionate about teaching. 


Online courses are a great way to broaden your knowledge, polish your skills, and develop your career, so if you are overwhelmed with the endless online courses that are available, we recommend you to check out Oktopi’s courses for the best online learning experience. 

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