The World’s First Dry Age Fridge

You may or may not have heard of a dry age refrigerator, you might not even know what dry aging is. In this article, we are going to be discussing the world’s first, and world’s only SMART dry-age refrigerator. The fridge uses specially designed technology and integrated software to help you create the perfect dry-aged steak. 

What is dry aging?

Dry aging is an ancient artesian process that dates back as far as the middle ages. Originally, dry aging was used as a technique to preserve meat. Before fridges were introduced in the 1940s, almost all meat was dry-aged using cellars and even caves. This is because these environments were perfect for dry aging as they generally kept a steady humidity and cool temperature. 

Nowadays dry aging is used because of its unique ability to naturally amplify the flavors in the meat. The flavor of the meat depends on how long you leave it to dry age, at 21 days you can expect a subtle nuttiness to develop. After that at around 28-35 days you can expect slight mushroom and umami flavors, then from 45 days onwards the taste of the meat will start to get funkier, think bold notes of blue cheese. The purpose of dry aging is to create the most complex and unique flavors that you can’t get from any other method of cooking or preserving meat. 

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What is the purpose of a dry age fridge?

The process of dry-aging is heavily reliant on the right humidity levels and the correct temperature. The reason why dry-age fridges are becoming increasingly popular is that although you are able to dry-age meat in any fridge if you use the same fridge where your other fresh produce is stored, you risk contamination of flavors. 

An example of cross-contamination could be that your milk ends up tasting like dry-aged beef or worse, your dry-aged beef tastes like milk. Using a separate dry age fridge means you don’t run the risk of cross-contamination and you can leave the meat to dry-age without altering the temperature and humidity within the fridge. This is because with a normal fridge that you dip in and out of often the temperature within is constantly fluctuating. For the best results, your fridge needs to remain at a consistent temperature and humidity level. 

Why is a SMART dry aging fridge needed?

As we have discussed already, to get the best results from your dry age meat, you want the temperature and humidity to remain at a consistent level. Steak Locker wanted to create a professional yet affordable fridge range that specializes in dry-aging and minimizes the risk associated with dry aging. The SMART fridges all come with an interactive downloadable smart application. This means that from anywhere, you can use your phone to control the temperature of the dry age fridge. This is important because it means you can constantly monitor your dry age meat without any risk. Here are the features of Steak Lockers SMART dry age fridge:

  • Track cuts over time
  • Monitor current temperature and humidity in real time
  • Get notified to protect your investments
  • Advanced yield reports

The reason why these features are important is that without beating around the bush, dry aging is an expensive process. Whether you are a professional chef or a resident, dry-aged meat is more expensive than other meat because it takes time to make and loses weight through the dry age process. Having a reliable dry age fridge of your own is the best way to save money and eliminate risk, in the long run, meaning fewer chances of spoilage. 

We hope this article has given a better insight into the delicate art of dry-aging and encouraged you to either give it a go or try some dry-aged meat for yourself.

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