Matsyasana Yoga Pose: Benefits, Steps, and Precautions

Although, Yoga is said to have originated in India in the pre-Vedic period. There are many benefits of yoga. By doing yoga, negative thinking is overcome and positiveness comes in you. 

Today we are talking about Matsyasana Yoga which means fish. While doing this yoga, our body makes a structure like a fish, so we call it Matsyasana yoga. This asana makes the chest wider and healthier.

Doing Matsyasana just for 2 minutes every day can give you many health benefits.

Nowadays problems of stomach upset (poor digestion) and backache are common, one in every 3 have this problem, you can easily see it around you.

People who practice Matsyasana yoga poses can swim in water for hours on end. People who have back pain, stomach, and throat-related problems might take benefit to reduce such types of diseases. So let’s learn how to do Matsyasana Yoga, and what are the benefits, steps, and precautions of Matsyasana-

Steps of doing Matsyasana Yoga 

Matsyasana is also considered to be the reverse posture of Sarvangasana, usually practicing  Matsyasana yoga pose is more beneficial after Sarvangasana yoga pose. So let’s see the steps further-

Step 1: To practice Matsyasana, first of all, you have to sit in Padmasana.

Step 2: Now bend over backward and lie down.

Step 3: Now tie both hands behind each other and place the back of the head on the ground by raising the back part and folding the neck, folding the neck.

Step 4: Now hold both your toes with your hands and make sure that the elbows are adjacent to the ground.

Step 5: Exercise for one to 5 minutes.

Step 6: Stop from this stage for at least 5 seconds and then come back to the first stage.

Step 7: While doing this asana, keep the pace of breath regular and you can practice this yoga for 5 minutes.

Benefits of doing Matsyasana Yoga Pose

Miraculous benefits come out of the regular practice of Matsyasana, so now let’s know about the benefits of Matsyasana.

1- Very beneficial for diabetic patients.

2- Regular exercise of Matsyasana Yoga eliminates chest and stomach diseases.

3- This yoga is beneficial for asthma patients.

4- Menstrual problems of women are eliminated by its regular practice.

5- It creates and circulates improved blood in your body.

6- Breast and stomach diseases are removed by doing Matsyasana Yoga daily.

7- It removes constipation, increases appetite and digests food, removes stomach gas.

8- Matsyasana yoga pose easily reduces your extra stomach. 

9- In this asana, the neck is folded back, which has a better effect on the thyroid gland and also keeps the mind good.

10- It activates the intestines and cures constipation.

11- Helpful to make your glands healthy like the thyroid, adrenal, and parathyroid.

12- It is beneficial in cervical pain and backbone problems of the neck. Putting a  pillow while doing Matsyasana yoga pose provides benefit in neck pain or spondylosis.

13- It prevents displacement of the navel. It might also reduce the chances of getting diseases related to asthma and other respiratory systems. 

14- Stress can cause headaches due to day-long stress on the neck, headaches might be removed by doing Matsyasana yoga pose.

15- By practicing Matsyasana daily, sexual strength increases in men, and the problem of impotence is overcome.

16- If you have a problem with getting not enough sleep, then regular Matsyasana will help you to get better sleep.

Precautions keep in mind while doing Matsyasana Yoga Pose

  • People whose blood pressure is high or low, people should not do this yoga.
  • Patients suffering from hernias and peptic ulcers should not do this yoga.
  • A person suffering from migraines and sleeplessness should not do this yoga.
  • People with problems with the knees and spine should not do this yoga.
  • Do this yoga only on an empty stomach.
  • Children under 14 years of age did not stop in the last steps of this asana.
  • While doing Matsyasana, try according to your ability, stop doing it immediately if you have any type of pain in your body.
  •  If you have high or low blood pressure, then do not do it.

Note: If there is difficulty in doing Matsyasana yoga pose or you feel that you can not practice it easily, and still want to get its benefits, then please consult your doctor and do it under the guidance of a yoga trainer.

Are you still curious to learn more about yoga asana? Though, by joining a yoga school in Rishikesh, India, you might learn more yoga asanas for good and positive results.  


Practicing Matsyasana regularly, will strengthen your spine and improve digestion. By regularizing this posture, you feel a good mood and the muscles are strong.

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