New Inventions and Gadgets of 20th Century

New gadgets and inventions are released all the time and it can be a bit difficult to keep up to date with all of the latest technology. We’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest new tech gadgets and inventions of the 20th century that have been recently unveiled. Welcome the future tech!


DoubleTake is a new product that was released by a company known as nix optic. The designers set out to reimagine the way we think about binoculars. With the DoubleTake winning several awards for its innovation and simple use. These binoculars offer a leading-edge design with over 10 times optical magnification. The powerful image processor allows for fast viewing and manipulation of the topic.

Combined with a rugged design to ensure that these binoculars are built to last. Powered by a black optics system, the lenses of the system are capable of a focal distance and far more than 500 millimeters which may allow the user to visualize images in 4k quality without having to buy expensive imaging equipment. Real-time image stabilization has been

implemented through the h2 processor so that you can view your images without delays on the 5 inch LCD display. 

You can even switch immediately between twice zoom and 10 times zoom with the straightforward push of a button. The system is completely rechargeable through the built-in lithium batteries meaning that you’ll no longer need to carry around several different battery packs while on your journey. The pricing for the DoubleTake is yet to be announced but these binoculars are expected to reach the consumer market very soon.


Samsung’s new product Ballie was just showcased at CES a couple of days ago. This new product is another edition in a line of Virtual Assistants. However, the fact that this one is shaped like a ball certainly makes it stand out amongst its competitors. Samsung states that they worked very hard to develop the design of the ball as they needed to craft a product that would become something you want to talk to. The only issue which was voiced by a Samsung representative is that the product may now appear a bit too inciting to family pets.

Regardless Samsung has developed an incredibly lightweight virtual assistant that was designed to be a direct competitor to Apple’s home pod featuring Siri integration. Samsung has been very quiet about the exact features of Ballie but many are expecting it to feature a heavily modded version of Google Assistant or Samsung’s own assistant. Prices have also not been revealed yet, but we will expect Ballie to likely retail around 199 dollars.

August Smartlock

The August smart lock makes a bold claim of being the best smart lock on the market. Though they need recently made updates and enhancements to form the merchandise even better. August wants users to upgrade their deadbolt system with the all-new Wi-Fi smart lock. With this, you can unlock or lock your door remotely. You can check the status of the door, provide guests custom digital keys to enter your home, and even see who is coming and going from your home.

 The lock is equipped with support for most major digital assistants so that you can lock and unlock your door without ever needing to leave your couch. The smart lock claims to be incredibly easy to install and can attach to an existing deadbolt on the inside of your door. You can even keep and use all of your original keys. The lock doesn’t even require a Wi-Fi bridge to have access to your network. This new lock is set to hit the market sometime in 2021 and is currently available for pre-order from online retailers. Though the price has not yet been released.

8K Flexwarm Heated Jacket

Flexwarm has released a brand new line of products referred to as 8k heated jackets. These jackets feature a sleek stealthy design that looks like any normal jacket. However, flexwarm technology is constructed into the fibers of the garment allowing you to equip the jacket with a battery to heat yourself while on the go. The jacket is extremely lightweight and perfectly contours to most body shapes. The jacket can reach a comfortable temperature of 122 degrees in as little as three hundred and sixty seconds and can keep you warm while you go about your daily routine. 

The portable power bank that’s located inside the jacket is extremely compact and light-weight and doubles as a USB power bank. You can use this battery to charge your smart devices so that you will never run out of charge. The retail price for these jackets is around 175 dollars and they are available in a variety of different sizes. These jackets will be great for camping, hiking, or watching ball games during the cold winter months. The uses are seemingly endless.

CareOS Smart Mirror

CareOS smart mirror is a new product that was showcased at CES this year. The mirror is integrated with a screen and several features and abilities that aim to make your life easier. You can use the mirror as a virtual assistant and issue voice commands to complete certain tasks. Facial recognition technology allows the mirror to always know exactly who it is talking to and curate responses based on the person’s individual needs and habits. A 360-degree video feature claims to capture all sides of your face and body so that you can see yourself from nearly any angle and ensure that you’re looking your best. 

You can even zoom in on certain areas which would be great for anyone who applies makeup regularly. CareOS comes with a feature that even allows you to virtually try on different articles of clothing to see how you may look in them. Personal recommendations are also available with the operating system being able to analyze your skin and provide tips on how to make your skin look its best. Fitness coaching, vision tests, and air quality indicators are several other features that are available on the smart mirror. These products are anticipated to launch sometime in 2021 but a price has yet to be announced.

Sitpack ZenX

The Sitpack ZenX claims to be the world’s most compact chair ever made. The chair is designed to be portable and is perfect for correcting your posture and keeping you in a comfortable position. The product launched on Kickstarter in 2017, but is now available for purchase by the typical consumer. The chair’s height can be adjusted in a variety of ways with a carry strap for easy travel. Anti-slip feet ensure that you are properly secured at all times and the chair can be folded out for use in as little as five seconds. These chairs can be purchased for around $69 and are available now.


Pillowdy is a rather humorous product with very practical use. The device looks like a standard hooded jacket that comes with a built-in pillow that can be inflated to the user’s personal preference and used for snoozing on the go or possibly a little extra support while watching a movie or playing a video game. The product first launched on Kickstarter a few months ago and is available for purchase with an asking price of around $109. These jackets certainly aren’t cheap but they can be very useful in the right situation.


Neorhythm is a device that hopes to help you sleep better, de-stress after a long day of work, and even boost energy levels.  This uses complex data structures and algorithms to do its computation. The product is a gesture-controlled headband that can improve your quality of life in a variety of ways. The company behind the headband states that your brain is the very center control mechanism of how you feel, behave, and perform in everyday life.

 Its functionality can be analyzed through brainwaves which change depending on what you are doing. This headband produces frequencies that can not be seen or heard yet provides benefits to your brain to help alleviate stress and help you to feel at ease after a particularly stressful day. The headband’s claims are backed by two independent scientific studies and can be purchased for 289 dollars.


Townew town new is a smart trashcan that can seal in charge itself without user interference. The product was designed to help individuals to not need to touch trash or trash bins. It does not require that you change out bags between dumps it seals itself and virtually eliminates odors. The device can seal entire trash bags so that you never have to see or touch the smelly trash.

 A new bag is automatically reloaded after each session so, you never need to worry about properly fitting a bag ever again. Priced at $120 these cans are approximately 10 times more expensive than a standard small trash can but can certainly be useful to those who have a fear of touching garbage.

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